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Diverse & Highly Skilled Talent

Centrally located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), York Region is home to 600,000 highly skilled York Region residents. Home to the most educated workforce among Canada’s largest municipalities and half of the Toronto Area Top 100 Neighborhoods. York Region offers an exceptional quality of life that attracts and retains top global talent.

Million in GTA Workforce

Join the Greater Toronto Area workforce annually.

University Graduates

Join the Greater Toronto Area workforce annually.

Immigrants With Degrees

Join the Greater Toronto Area workforce annually.

73% of York Region's...

population between 25 and 64 has post-secondary education. The most educated workforce among Canada’s large municipalities and well above US, OECD, and EU averages.

  • 9 Universities and 8 Colleges in the Greater Toronto Area
  • York Region has the highest rate of university enrollment in Ontario by 18 year-old residents; 56% vs. 35% Ontario-wide in 2011
  • A new York University campus is currently in development in the City of Markham and will accept 4,000 new students initially; with room for future growth
Post-Secondary Education % of Population (Age 25-64)
Greater Vancouver
Peel Region
Durham Region
Ontario - Average
Canada - Average
United States - Average

Source: Statistics Canada CBP
USA Source: OECD Education at a Glance 2014

Relevant Talent

Over 50% of York Region’s workforce aged 25-64 with post-secondary education majored in Business Administration, Engineering, Sciences or Information Technology.

Improved Retention

Shorter commute times equals improved attraction and retention of experienced professionals living in York Region and Greater Toronto Area communities.

Globally Connected

A culturally diverse population in York Region, with 122 languages and dialects spoken and 45% of the population being foreign born creates a globally connected workforce.

Occupational Clusters of York Region Residents

Source: Statistics Canada National Census 2011 | National Household Survey

Occupations, 2012 Estimates

Occupation Male Female Total
Management 49,725 27,770 77,495
Business, Finance & Admin. 34,620 75,785 110,405
Natural & Applied Sci. & Rel’d 42,400 13,625 56,020
Health occupations 7,105 19,995 27,110
Education, Law and Government Services 18,310 42,930 61,235
Art, Culture, Recreation 7,500 9,020 16,520
Sales and Service 58,705 64,790 123,490
Trades, Transport and Equipment operators 53,085 3,375 56,465
Natural Resources and Agriculture 4,760 990 5,750
Manufacturing and Utilities 12,915 9,050 21,970
Total 569,895

Source: 2011 National Household Survey – Statistics Canada

Level of Schooling, 2012 Estimates

Total w/ highest certificate, diploma or degree 832,050
Earned doctorate 5,530
Master’s degree 46,290
Degree in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or optometry 6,265
University certificate or diploma above bachelor level 32,240
Bachelor’s degree 160,790
University certificate, diploma or degree at bachelor level or above 251,110
University certificate or diploma below bachelor level 47,015
College, CEGEP or other non-university certificate or diploma 142,545
Registered Apprenticeship certificate 21,330
Trades certificate or diploma 25,945
Apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma 47,275
Postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree 487,940
High school diploma or equivalent 205,585
No certificate, diploma or degree 138,520

Source: 2011 National Household Survey – Statistics Canada

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